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Remembering South Africans who have fallen in the Defence of South Africa or Israel.

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Link to the recording

The South African Jewish Ex Service League


Telfed, South African Zionist Federation, Israel

Invite you to join us in a virtual memorial service for

South African Jewry who have fallen in the defence of

South Africa or Israel

as well as in memory of

The Six Million Holocaust Martyrs

Date - 27 September 2020

Time - South Africa 10:30 Israel 11.30

Registration is essential in order to receive a personal link to join the service

To register for the event please click on this link


  1. Introduction and explanation of the order of service - Peter Bailey

  2. Welcome to the virtual memorial service - Lt. Col. (Ret) William Bergman, Johannesburg and Reef Branch Chairman - SAJESL

  3. Message from Israel - Batya Shmukler - Chairman, Telfed

  4. Psalm 23 - Hebrew reading - Hilton Kaplan - National Chairman SAJESL

  5. Psalm 23 - English reading - Barry Kornel - Telfed Memorial Committee

  6. Paying of Homage to our fallen - Rabbi Dorron Kline - CEO, Telfed

  7. Memorial Prayer, Yizkor - Rabbi Dorron Kline

  8. Soldiers Prayer - Lt. Col. Bergman

  9. Prayer for the safety of Israeli Defence Force members - Rabbi Dorron Kline

  10. Closure and Thanks - Peter Bailey

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