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Street Names in Israel

Peter Bailey delves into the history behind the names of many streets in Israel

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Wherever you find yourself in Israel, there are certain street names that will always appear. The founding fathers and many of the heroes for the fight for the modern State of Israel are memorialized repetitively from city to city.


Street Names in Israel delves into the history behind those names, giving biographical details highlighting their part in the history of Israel.


The book provides insights into the history of the Jewish people over the millennia.  

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Inside the Book

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DIZENGOFF, Meir, 1861 - 1936, Industrialist and politician, was born in Ekimovsty, Bessarabia, today part of the Republic of Moldova.

He Served as a volunteer in the Imperial Russian Army and was briefly imprisoned for rebellious activity.

Dizengoff moved to Paris in 1889 in order to study Chemical Engineering and while there he Baron Edmund de Rothschild who persuaded him to move to Palestine and establish a glass factory nearly Zichron Yaakov.

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